• mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – black
  • mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – orange
  • mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – yellow
  • mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – white
  • mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – purple
  • mozartt HXR ISCG05 – chain guide – green




  • ISCG 05 compatible
  • chainring range: 28T – 36T
  • aluminium 7075 T651 backplate / CNC machined
  • backplate thickness 5 mm


  • ISCG 05: 85 gram
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The mozartt.com HXR chain guide has been designed in a collaboration with the best MTB riders in the world including Darren Berrecloth, Vincent Tupin and Szymon Godziek.

The HXR was supposed to be used in less demanding mountain-biking disciplines like enduro and cross-country. It turned out quickly, though, that thanks to its lightweight design, the drivetrain security it provides, and no additional rolling resistance it has become extremely popular among downhill biking teams. The HXR works quietly and, as mentioned above, it doesn’t generate any additional resistance. None of its design elements touch the mobile parts of the drivetrain.

Installing the chain device is simple and takes just a few minutes. The bash guard can be easily removed with one wrench – just in case any emergencies on the trail. Plug & Play is mozartt policy! To ensure a lightweight design (it’s just 85 grams) and the highest durability, the backplate of the chain device has been milled on CNC machines from one piece of 7075 T651 aluminum. The top cage has been equipped with an easy mounting system which, paired with the specially designed back panel, enables a fuss-free removal of the chain, crank gear and the chain guide itself. The HXR is supposed to protect the chainring and the crank against any damage caused during aggressive rides on demanding terrain. Now you can enjoy downhill rides even more – stones shooting from under the tire, rocks on the trail and accidental crashing into protruding roots won’t take away the pleasure from riding anymore.

In the box, you’ll find an extra set of chain guides designed for oval chainrings. No more chains jumping off no matter what chainring you’re using!

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