• direct (HDM), S3 / e-type & ISCG05 mount compatible
  • chainring range: 28T – 38T
  • ultra lightweight


  • HDM: 25 gram
  • S3 and ISCG05: 40 gram
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Joining the narrow-wide chainring and derailleur with the clutch was supposed to eliminate the necessity of fitting the bike with chain guide. It can be achieved only when each element of the puzzle works perfectly – and this is hardly ever possible on demanding mountain trails.Mozartt Piano was created as yet another piece of the puzzle eliminating all its imperfections. The mozartt.com Piano chain guide, which is fitted to the S3/e-type, HDM or ISCG05 mount instead of the front derailleur, prevents the chain from jumping off even on the hardest trails. The construction is made of a composite with special properties thanks to which it’s ultra-light – from 25 grams – but also rigid and shock-resistant. A special finned construction enabled to reduce the amount of material used to produce the tensioner.

In the box, you’ll find an extra set of guides plates designed especially for oval chainrings. Forget about chains jumping off in the least desired moments – now it’s even unimportant what chainring you use.

Installing the device is easy and you need just 5 minutes to do it. To adjust the:

  • HDM chain guide you need the attached distance washers. They are made of carbon fiber and don’t make the device heavier. The adjustment range of the chain guide is from 48,5 to 51,5 millimeters. The device weighs 25 grams.
  • ISCG05 guide use the distance washers included in the box. They need to be inserted between the guide and the frame. The weight of the chain guide is 40 grams.
  • S3/e-type guide use the attached set of distance washers, which need to be inserted between the tensioner and the frame. The chain guide weighs 40 grams.

Mozartt.com Piano chain guide is perfect not only for enduro bikes but also in less demanding mountain biking disciplines like XC, AM, or even Cyclocross.

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Plastic composite


S3 / e-type, HDM