• chainring range: 32T – 38T
  • backplate made out of aluminium 7075 T651
  • backplate thickness 5,5mm
  • hardware made out of forged aluminium 7075
  • ISCG hardware made out of stainless steel
  • ISCG & ISCG05 compatible


  • ISCG 05- 157 grams
  • ISCG – 152 grams

The Presto chain guide is the effect of a long-term collaboration with the best riders in the world of MTB like Darren Berrecloth, Vincent Tupin and Szymon Godziek. Even though the device is 20 grams lighter than its predecessor – Storm – we managed to increase its rigidity by 30%. Such a big difference was achieved by introducing a thicker back panel. It was milled with precision in a CNC machine from one piece of 7075 T651 aluminum.

In this particular chain device, a completely new bash guard has been used. There is a system of fins inside it thanks to which the construction has high shock absorption. Before any kind of stress or tension can reach the frame, it’s dispersed in the chain guide. Yet another advantage of the bash guard is its smooth surface – no mud or dust can stick to it and so it remains lightweight even on rainy days and on muddy trails.


In Spanish „presto” means „fast”. The name of the chain guide doesn’t refer only to the speed that we advise to accelerate to while using this tensioner, though. It also refers to how easy and fast it is to fit it on the bike. The device is equipped with a guide plate and can be installed in seconds. All you need to do is to loosen the screw, tilt one part of the guide, insert the crank in its place, close the device and screw tightly. And you don’t even need to take off the bike chain.

The Presto chain guide is a quiet device – the link on the top guide has been secured with rubber and that’s why it doesn’t make any noise even on bumpy terrain. The wheel rolls on a sealed bearing and there are special openings in the guide plate that facilitate cleaning.

To ensure high durability and long use of components, all threads (including those in the guide plate materials) are made of metal.


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