HXR carbon



  • chainring range: 28T – 36T
  • backplate made out of 3k carbon fibre
  • backplate thickness 5,0mm
  • hardware made out of forged aluminium 7075
  • ISCG hardware made out of stainless steel
  • ISCG05 compatible


  • ISCG 05- 53 grams

There is a rule we swear by in mozartt.com and it goes „Each of our products is the best”. We’re 100% sure that by offering carbon fiber products we’re providing the most hard-wearing and technologically advanced solutions – and one of them is mozartt.com HXR Carbon.

Narrow-wide chainrings and single drivetrains are the next steps of the MTB drivetrain evolution. The HXR Carbon chain device has been designed to complement this step and to eliminate all its imperfections.

The following issues were our major concerns during the design process:

  • chain retention and how to prevent the chain from jumping off,
  • how to protect the chainring and crank gear from damage,
  • how to reduce the weight of the drivetrain (only 53 grams).

Mozartt.com HXR Carbon is meant to protect the chainring and the crank from any possible damage that might take place while riding aggressively on demanding terrain. Rocks, boulders, and roots can’t damage the drivetrain or take away the pleasure from riding anymore once the guide device has been fitted.


Although it was designed for enduro and all-mountain bikes, its reliability and durability have made it a popular choice among top riders in the DH World Championships and the prestigious RedBull Rampage.

Carbon fibers are composed of carbon atoms and have a diameter of 5-10 μm. Each thread consists of about 3000 filaments that are woven together. To produce a chain guide we use 50 layers of fabric – filled with resin, heated up and pressed until fused. They are rigid, stretch-resistant and light at the same time. Carbon sheets are then placed on CNC machines where the final shape of the chain device is milled. In other words – it’s atoms that keep the chain in the right place!

HXR Carbon chain device is equipped with an easy mounting feature thanks to which fitting it on the bike is straightforward and doesn’t involve removing the crank gear. All you need to do is to put the device between the frame and the chainring, adjust it using distance washers and screw it. If fitted correctly, the chain guide won’t rub at the chainring or the bike chain and make noise or cause any friction.

In the box, you’ll find an extra set of guides designed for oval chainrings. No more chains jumping off no matter what chainring you’re using!

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Weight 53 g

Black, Orange, Purple, Green, White, Yellow