• material: PP-GF30
  • made from 50% recycled plastic
  • size: 80 x 89 x 7.5-10mm
  • compatible with Shimano:
    PD-M970, PD-M959, PD-M770, PD-M540, PD-M520, PD-M515, PD-M505, PD-M9100, PD-M9000, PD-M8100, PD-M8000, PD-M520, etc.


  • pair – 60 gram

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Senza is a product that allows you to convert your racing bike into a city bike, without requiring specialist tools. They are a pair of pedal adapters that can be installed and removed from the bike in one simple step, using a small allen key or a screwdriver. After the adapter is in place, one side of your SPD pedal turns into a 90x80mm platform, while still retaining the clip-in functionality on the opposite side of the pedal.

Thanks to an innovative cross-braced construction, the adapters are very light (only 30 grams per side), and the material used in the manufacturing process is 50% made from recycled plastic. The adapters themselves are 100% recyclable.

The adapters come with a cotton bag, making them a breeze to store and will keep the contents of your bag clean.

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