Our history on timeline

Rebranding and new products
Embarked on an ambitious journey of rebranding and product development, laying the groundwork for future success with a new logo, website, and product line set to be unveiled in early 2024, signaling the company's commitment to continued growth and innovation.
Celebrating Another Year of victories!
Once again, the world of downhill racing has felt the thunder of Mozartt dominance! After Morgane Charre's stunning victory in 2012, we're back on top, reclaiming the World Downhill Champion title with Richard Tandara's triumphant win in the U15 category.
Our riders showcased their prowess at the Czech National Downhill Champs, seizing three gold medals across Elite, Junior, and Women's categories. Huge congrats to Sabina Košárková, Ondra Kolecik and Rasťo Baránek from Kellys Factory team.
Denis Kohut's blazing speed earned him the Slovakian National Champion title, edging out Rasto Baranek by a mere half-second. With this victory, our team now boasts the Elite podium's top two spots, solidifying our grip on Slovakian downhill supremacy. And let's not forget Richard Tandara's phenomenal performance, clinching victory in the U15 category with an impressive 38-second lead over his closest competitor. Keep an eye on this rising star!
Meanwhile, in the Slovakian Enduro Cup, Martin Knapec soared to second place in the Elite Category, while Richard Randara conquered the e-bike category with finesse. Richard's talent shone bright throughout 2023, gracing podiums with his remarkable skill. And let's give a round of applause to Ondra Kolecik, securing a well-deserved second place in the Semmering IXS Downhill Cup, proving his mettle on the international stage.
2023 was filled with countless victories, and this is just a glimpse of our team's successes.
Countless podiums of our team boys!
In 2002, we made waves at numerous European downhill races, earning countless podium finishes. Rasto Baranek took the top spot at the Slovak National Championships, while Stanislav Sehnal dominated the Czech downhill championships three times in a row. Sabča Košárková snagged second place and a silver medal at the Maribor European Downhill Cup. Ondřej Kolečík also stood tall on many podiums in European Cup and National races.
Additionally, Martin Knapec emerged victorious at the SPEN enduro race, with Denis Kohut securing a podium finish in third place, clinching the bronze medal. Denis Kohut also showcased his prowess with a second-place finish in the muddy edition of the Czech National Cup.
Introducing new product - Senza SPD adaptors
Demonstrated continued innovation with the development and production of Mozartt Senza, clip-on pedal adaptors, catering to the evolving needs of cyclists and enhancing their riding experience.
Year of innovation
We embarked on an exciting journey of innovation, crafting several prototypes. Among our creations were 1 1/8" stems, meticulously designed in two variants to fit both 31.8mm and 35mm handlebars. With 0° rise and a compact 45mm length, these stems were engineered for precision handling and control over bike. Paired with our 800mm handlebars boasting a 25mm rise, the project promised a perfect balance of agility and stability.
While we poured our hearts into this endeavor, regrettably, the project didn't gain the traction we had hoped for, leading us to shelve it for the time being. Nonetheless, we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and look forward to sharing more exciting projects with you in the future!
CTM bikes from now are equipped with mozartt components
Expanded market reach by supplying CTM bikes with chain guides for their serial bicycles, while also venturing into competitive racing through involvement in CTM Racing Team, solidifying Mozartt's presence in European Downhill races.
Welcome to the team - Henrik Myhrvold
Welcomed Henrik Myhrvold to the team, adding another talented rider to the roster and strengthening the company's competitive edge.
Our two team riders took part in Red Bull Rampage
Maintained a strong presence at Redbull Rampage with three team riders—Szymon Godziek, Darren Berrecloth, and Vincent Tupin.
Vincent Tupin joined the team!
Expanded the team roster with the addition of freerider Vincent Tupin, who made a notable debut at Redbull Rampage, showcasing the company's commitment to supporting athletes in pushing the boundaries of the sport.
We were the sponsor of Belgian Enduro Cup
Expanded the team roster with the addition of Spela Horvat. Later this year we celebrated Spela Horvat's remarkable 2nd place finish in the UCI World Cup race in Losinj, Croatia, demonstrating the performance and reliability of Mozartt products at the highest level of competition.
Spela Horvat joined our team!
Demonstrated commitment to grassroots racing by becoming a key sponsor of the Belgian Enduro Cup, supporting the growth and development of the sport at the regional level.
Bergamont bikes started to use our chain guides.
Strengthened partnerships with bicycle manufacturers as Bergamont Cycles integrated HXR and Presto Steel chain guides into select models, further cementing Mozartt's position as a preferred choice among industry leaders.
Darren Berrecloth presented mozartt Presto on Red Bull Rampage
Garnered attention at the prestigious Redbull Rampage event as Darren Berrecloth showcased the Presto Chain guide on his new bike.
NS bikes started to use our chain guides
Entered into a partnership with NS Bikes. From now NS bikes are originally equipped with mozartt chain guides. NS bikes are equipeed with mozartt Presto and Presto Steel chain guides.
Kross bikes started to use our chain guides
Expanded market reach through partnerships with esteemed bicycle manufacturers like Kross Bicycles, integrating Presto and HXR chain guides into their enduro bicycles.
Szymon Godziek stunned first-ever tsunami backflip!
Witnessed groundbreaking achievements as Szymon Godziek stunned the world with the first-ever tsunami backflip during the Nuremberg District ride.
Celebrating many podiums
Celebrated multiple successes on the competitive circuit, including a double podium with Lucy Drees and Lewis Lacey, highlighting the effectiveness of Mozartt products in UK Downhill Championships. Further bolstered the company's reputation with Nina Fahrer's impressive 2nd place finish at the Austrian Championship.
We recorder promotion video of Darren Berrecloth riding his hometown trails
With help of George Milner and Darren Berrecloth we manage to record short video of Darren riding his hometrails. Check this out!
We signed with Szymon Godziek!
Strengthened partnerships by signing freerider Szymon Godziek, adding another talented athlete to the company's roster.
Prorotype stem
Many products or project has never left the desk or our company. One of those products is direct mount stem for Boxxer mount. Its superlight design
Darren Berrecloth on our board!
We started collaboration with Darren Berrecloth. He used our Storm chain guide during the whole production of Where the Trail Ends movie. Our Storm chain guide landed together with on Darren’s bike on the movie poster.
Downhill World Champion rides mozartt
Secured a major partnership by signing Morgane Charre, who few months later went on to become the Downhill World Champion, boosting the company's profile in the cycling world.
Rémi Thirion and his whole team Labyrinth Shimano are joining our ranks!
Commenced collaboration with Labyrinth Team, supplying chainguides for their new Downhill bike. Labyrinth team started in various prestigious competitions, including the UCI NISSAN World Cup series and FFC – SUBARU French Cup DH.
We signed with Romain Olmos
We signed with Romain Olmos, very talented rider from France. Our partnership became a true frendhip, which last till today.
We released new products - WG and WoG chain guides
Growing interest of mozartt products pushed us to register the company. Mozartt was officially founded and Introduced new products, WG, WoG, Storm and expanding the company's product range and pushing innovation forward.
Here our history begins...
First MTB chain guide – mozartt Storm was designed and produced. This product attracted attention of downhill riders, who were seeking of reliable and solid chain guide. We made few more products for the interested riders.